Dynamic and flexible, equipped with technical tools and the latest information technology tools, BFI Ltd  currently combines what the market requires a company that wants to be at the forefront in tackling and solving problems related to noise and safety at work.

The decades-long experience of our office design and development have enabled us in recent years to win  numerous competitive and difficult challenges regarding noise abatement and safety in the workplace both nationally and internationally to obtain large and complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our business in particular, starting from the study of problems of our customers is in the preparation of a project that provides a powerful and definitive solution to the problem, a solution that is  both quality and cost competitive.

Our offer is completed and the possibility of delivering “turnkey” the solutions proposed.

Here are just some of our projects over the years:

  • soundproof canopy for machines’s encapsulation.
  • soundproof booths set up with operators stations for command and control.
  • special soundproof booths to one or more floors,noise  abatement up to 40db
  • soundproof booths made of stainless steel
  • special soundproof booths with a structure resistant to internal explosion (certified)
  • soundproof booths set up with electrical and air conditioning systems
  • Container 20 ‘or 40′ soundproof  with or without technical room
  • Container for special medical equipment
  • Sound suppressor standard or custom
  • soundproof doors
  • automation of doors and gates
  • Safety Plans
  • Making machine guards
  • Structures carpentry medium / light
  • Packaging lines / steel strapping coils
  • Technical advice